We believe in offering reliable, robust and best in class design. We provide wide variety of hardware services, which includes new hardware designing or redesigning an existing product; we also have expertise in enclosure/casing designing as well as compact and multilayer PCB. Our expertise in hardware designing ranges from energy efficient mains power application to ultra low power applications, from wired application to wireless application.

Electronic Board Designing:

We provide best in class electronic/board designs by infusing our hardware expertise in designing cost effective boards for very wide applications ranging from low power battery operated circuit to high power electronic applications. We work hard to ensure we meet the expectations of our clients by providing them with reliable, robust and best product solution. We have experience with designing circuit for many applications which includes sensor interfacing, relay/solenoid controls for high power load, industrial communications (i.e. RS485,RS232), wireless communications (BLE,WI-FI, Zigbee etc), input sensing, Display interfacing, Capacitive based touch sensing, controller interfacing etc.

Printed Circuit Board Designing:

We have immense experience as well as expertise in designing PCB for wide range of applications which includes compact multilayer design for battery powered low power circuit, stitching tracks for high current/power PCB, complex multilayer PCB designs with high frequency communication/switching applications. We also have experience in designing wireless PCB antenna for 2.4ghz,sub Ghz and other antenna used in wireless protocols such as Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Sub Ghz RF etc.

Reverse Engineering:

We have expertise in reviving your old legacy product by reverse engineering and redeveloping the embedded hardware & software using latest technology platform. We ensure to use give our clients reliable, robust and best in class design for their product.

Enclosure designing:

We have expertise in designing custom 3D printed casing for our clients which enables them for a quick prototyping of proof of concept (POC). We also provide service for complete custom casing manufacturing for the product.

Our Core Skils

Temperature Monitoring :

Analog: RTD, Thermister, PTC etc

Digital: I2C/SPI/Serial based sensorc

Weighing Application:

Strain gauge load cells from 0 to 100kg interfaced with the Analog amplifiers.

Presence Detection:

PIR Sensor.


LED, Seven Segment, Dot Matrix, Graphical LCD, Touch Screen, LCD.

Communication & Security Application:

Contactless RFID, BLE 4.0& above, Wi-Fi, Sub GHz RF, Zigbee, RS232, RS485, GSM, GPS.

Controlling application

AC/DC Motors, Relays, Solenoid valves, Actuator.

Power :

Mains power energy efficient circuits, Ultra low power battery operated circuit designs.

Fitness application

Accelerometer, gyro meter, real time clock (RTC) etc, Pulse Oximeter.