We provide cutting edge, latest technology and recent market trend based one stop software solutions to our client by utilizing our expertise in designing and developing software for various applications which include ultra low power/battery operated product, wireless connectivity such as BLE 4.0, WI-FI, Sub Ghz RF, Mobile application for IOS and Android platform and cloud server services.We have expertise by writing embedded software for different controller platforms. Our highly skilled team and best in class project management allows on time project execution thereby increasing the overall cost optimization.

Product Software Development

We have expertise in designing software architecture as well as writing custom embedded software for wide range of applications, which includes many industrial monitoring & control applications, low power battery operated remote sensing devices, GSM & GPS based application, wireless applications such as Bluetooth low energy, WI-FI etc. We utilize our diverse domain expertise to ensure that we deliver flexible, reliable and robust solutions to our clients.

Proof Of concept:

We provide a quick prototyping solution for our clients by using off the shelf development boards and writing custom embedded software thereby allowing our clients to meet their tight deadline.

Our Core Skils

Micro controller:

8/16/32 bit high performance as well as ultra low power controller from various manufacturers such as Texas Instrument, ST, Microchip, Atmel, Renesas etc.

Communication Peripheral:

SPI, UART, Timer, I2C, I2S (Audio applications), SD/MicroSD Card interface, Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), Digital to analog Converter (DAC), Analog Amplifiers, 8 channel parallel interface (Video applications), Real Time Clock (RTC), Modbus.

Wireless Protocol:

LED, Seven Segment, Dot Matrix, Graphical LCD, Touch Screen, LCD.

Real Time Operating System:


Fitness Applications:

Accelerometer, Gyroscopes, SPO2, Body Temperature.

Mobile Application:

Android, IOS


Angular, AWS IOT, MQTT broker.